Job Offers and Employment Contracts

Once you have decided who you wish to make a job offer to, use this checklist to ensure you cover off everything needed to offer to, and get your new hire up and running.

New Joiner Checklist

You may decide to carry out your pre-employment checks before making a job offer or after.  Where you do them after your offer should specify this. You may also make use of probationary periods before offering a job permanently.

The minimum pre-employment checks you should carry out are the right to work in the UK and any other legally based ones for your industry/role.  The example offer letter below is an approach often used by employers to make job offers subject to checks and a probationary period.

Job Offer Letter Template

You will however have to provide employees with a written statement of the terms of their employment.  This must be provided on or before the first date of employment with you.  There are minimum requirements for the information you must include in the written statement.  These are usually covered off by being set out in the offer letter and contract of employment.

If you can do this before they start work this makes the work relationship clearer upfront and helps to avoid misunderstandings down the road.

Below is an example contract of employment which covers all the information you are required to provide to an employee in the written statement of employment particulars.

Contract of Employment Example

The above contract is a basis for meeting your legal requirements.  However, your contracts are an opportunity for you to set out key company rules you expect employees to follow as well as a means for protecting your business interests.

Typically, business will expand the contract to include further provisions such as:

  • Conditions for other pay benefits such as bonuses
  • Conditions for how and when holiday can be requested and when it can’t be taken
  • Conditions for receiving company sick pay, rules for reporting sickness absence and when action will be taken
  • Actions amounting to summary dismissal
  • Ability to make payments in lieu of notice periods or put employees on garden leave
  • Use and return of company property
  • Confidentiality of company and client information
  • Restrictive covenants such as to stop an employee unfairly competing against you after they leave your employment or poaching your staff

Legal paperwork should be drafted or signed off by a legal professional to ensure it meets your business and employment needs.

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