Upskilling focuses on continuous learning for both new joiners and existing team members. It takes place when companies invest in training programs that help employees develop new abilities and minimize skills gaps.

Training and Engagement is a great form of employee investment in the company; it highlights your interest in contributing to the career and interests of your staff, as well as helping your business flourish. Training and development should be available to anyone in the organisation and management should ensure programs are tailored to the needs of all.

Upskilling boosts employee morale, satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. When employee’s learn new skills, subsequently they will feel better equipped to handle work related responsibilities effectively, therefore having a positive impact on the business overall.

Upskilling requires investment but much of the training costs can be covered through accessing funded training and businesses will see a strong return of investment. Companies that provide high levels of training will see greater staff retention therefore saving money on recruitment.

Upskilling can take place both inhouse and at local colleges and be provided through both apprenticeships and short courses. Organisations should create personal development plans for each employee, which analyse their current skills and to plan what development programs to use. It’s imperative to ensure employee’s allocate time in their working day for further training and that they are given the support they need to maximise the benefits of the training.

FIESTA working with the Furniture Makers’ Company has launched its Apprentice and Skills Plus service to help employers attract and develop the skills of the next generation and also help develop the skills of their current team members. If you would like to find out more, and to arrange a conversation, please contact the Skills Plus Coordinator Natalie Cole: