Parents’ and Carers’ Pack Apprenticeship Information

Under usual circumstances, May typically marks the start of the exam and testing season for many students. Due to Covid-19, the way that exams and results are processed will again be a little different. With all of these changes and disruption to the education system, it is really important that we focus on the wellbeing of young people and continue to help them to feel positive about their futures.

Mental Health Awareness Week, observed between the 10-16th May, is an opportunity for us to focus on the mental health and wellbeing of our young people, as well as ourselves. We have included tips on maintaining good mental health and building resilience, to help now and in the future.

Also, in this month’s edition, we are pleased to be sharing with you a selection of personal stories from a variety of apprentices and employers who all explain the benefits of apprenticeships. Each apprentice has started at a different level and time in life. An important reminder that apprenticeships are for individuals of all ages and levels.

Carolyn Savage
Head of NEET and Youth Engagement
Education and Skills Funding Agency part of DfE

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