Ercol: Apprentice Q&A

Ercol are a well established furniture manufacturer in the UK and have been producing fine hand crafted furniture since 1920.  From its birth, Ercol have always been focused on  creating well designed furniture, made in a good working environment by craftsmen who really took pride in their jobs.

FIESTA met up with recent Ercol apprentice Jordan Allsopp to ask him a few questions about his time at Ercol and the benefits he has seen in his apprenticeship.

Jordan Allsopp, Ercol Apprentice, personal story

Check out our short video below:


Check out some of the images we manage to capture while at the Ercol factory:

Shots of from the ercol factory showcasing some of the machines used to create the unique look of ercol
The steam barrel used to make the wood malleable so that it can be bent into shape.
A look behind the scenes at the ercol factoring showing all the recently bent wood being sanded down so it is nice and smooth
the final product coming through the drying tunnel after just been sprayed with varnish and paint

For more information about Ercol and their apprenticeships just visit their website here

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